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  • Indefinite Hiatus

    I both don’t want to make this announcement and also have no choice but to. Chwineka Reads is going on indefinite hiatus.

  • Incredible Hulk #6 (Mar 1963)

    This run of Incredible Hulk hasn’t been a limited series like we think of today. Nowadays, limited series are usually told as an overarching story, either completely self-contained or tied to some other title. But this was just… a six issue run of Hulk stories. It could’ve continued, but didn’t. At least not until until he shared Tales to Astonish with Giant-Man in late 1964. All that is to say that while this is the last issue of this run, there’s nothing that really stands out as an ending or gives a sense of closure.

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  • Incredible Hulk #5 (Jan 1963)

    The Hulk and Rick Jones own fursuits. That’s it. That’s the intro paragraph.

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  • Incredible Hulk #4 (Nov 1962)

    I’m just gonna come out and say it: this was a dumb issue. Not that it was necessarily bad, but more nothing really makes sense and so many characters just make the stupidest decisions possible. Thunderbolt Ross builds a rocket-powered Hulk replica for the purpose of shooting it down. Betty has all the pieces of the puzzle laid out in front of her and can’t figure out a damned thing. Banner believes messing with more gamma radiation is a good idea. And a Communist agent disguises himself as an alien barbarian. Some real wild stuff in this issue!

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  • Who the Hell Is Ike Perlmutter?

    Ding fucking dong, the witch has been fired! Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter has been laid off at Disney, bringing his decades long reign of terror to an end. Now while I and a lot of other comic book nerds celebrate the decision, I imagine the vast majority of people have no idea who that is or why his firing should be celebrated. So let’s have a special behind-the-scenes “Who the Hell Is” post and talk about Perlmutter and why I–as a longtime X-Men fan–have hated him for a while.