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  • Amazing Spider-Man #102 (Nov 1971)

    My fixation on the origin of Dr. Michael Morbius has led me to this issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Not only do we get the origin of the antihero whose movie grossed a record breaking 1 morbillion dollars, but we also get a mutated Spider-Man and a sometimes helpful Lizard! Also Gwen Stacy crying and J Jonah Jameson worried the Daily Bugle’s gonna close down, but those are interludes so small I’m not going to mention them again.

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  • Sandcastle (May 2013)

    Let’s try something a little different! Today I’m talking about a graphic novel instead of an individual comic issue. Sandcastle is the work of French author Pierre Oscar Lévy, Swiss artist Frederik Peeters, and also credit to the English translator, Nora Mahony. It’s a depressing mystery that I found really engrossing! It also has connections to a movie, but we’ll get to that.

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  • Amazing Spider-Man #101 (Oct 1971)

    We’ve reached the first appearance of a major character–Morbius, the Living Vampire! And by “major” character I mean “a solid C-lister who most people had never heard of before the disasterious Morbius movie (shameless plug for my other blog). And what does this antihero do in his first appearance? Kill a bunch of nobodies and try to drink Spider-Man’s… wait, does nobody use the word “blood?” I guess the Comics Code Authority’s ban on horror content wasn’t completely gone by this issue.

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  • Amazing Spider-Man #100 (Sep 1971)

    So I think a lot of things led to me burning out and having no time or energy for this blog. Outside of some real life… let’s call them “challenges,” updating 6 days a week didn’t help. Neither did covering old comics about the Avengers before they were Avengers. Like sure, I am curious about their origins, but I went real hard into that when I wasn’t 100% feeling it. So while I do plan on finishing that project, I think taking breaks and covering whatever fixation I’m currently on could keep my energy up. And while the issue where Peter Parker grows four extra arms wasn’t the subject I started looking into, here we are!

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  • AXE: Judgment Day Omega (Jan 2023)

    We have finally and officially reached the end of AXE: Judgment Day. Covering it as it came out was a mistake, but overall I found the event to be enjoyable. The X-Men had a few status quo shakeups and the Avengers walked away with basically no changes, but the Eternals may never be the same again. But they don’t have a currently running title, so they needed an epilogue. In comes AXE: Judgment Day Omega, wrapping up loose ends while still leaving the possibility for future stories. You know, like a good comic book should do.

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